MPA supporters Manchester Met have developed an internship programme to support both businesses and their graduates alike.

If your organisation is looking for a flexible approach to sourcing short-term resource for your team or project, their 100 hour Internship Programme could be your ideal solution.

Your intern can be an extra pair of hands to help support with ongoing workload, or work on separate ad-hoc projects that could add value to your organisation.

Benefits to your organisation:

  • Access to highly focussed students with specialist knowledge and up-to-date professional skills from a variety of business areas.
  • Design an internship opportunity that meets your exact business needs – this could be a specific project or even just additional resource to cover a busy period or staff absence.
  • A potential cost-effective recruitment option allowing you to try out candidates and develop a pipeline of talent and ideas into your business.
  • Build partnership links and your profile within the wider University.
  • Contribute to the training and development of the future local and national workforce.

Manchester Met’s Internship Programme enables students to expand their skills and experience, whilst adding value to your organisation. Their MSc students have a strong working knowledge of their chosen business discipline, such as Marketing, Finance, HR or Project Management.

Previously, students have completed successful roles/projects covering topics such as:

  • Undertaking market analysis to understand the potential demand for a new product line.
  • Proposing improvements to an internal communication programme.
  • Identifying potential cost savings in an organisation’s supply chain.
  • Assisting with HR duties, including recruitment and selection and employment legislation activities.
  • Business development work. Performing financial audit fieldwork.
  • Creation of a marketing plan and updating company website to be more consumer focused.
  • Researching a specific market in order to find the right partner or distributor for business growth.
  • Providing support in developing or improving a social media strategy.
  • Providing general support to any key business function.

The students’ focus is to acquire hands-on experience and their internship is not an assessed piece of work. Some may decide to align their internship to their dissertation, which may enable you to receive research and consultancy that could be of benefit to your organisation.

There is no limit to the number of students you may hire through the scheme, and students are able to work either physically in your office space (where necessary protocols are being followed) or remotely.

Full details can be found here:

When do Internships start and how long do they last?

Internships can take place anytime between October and August, lasting a minimum of 100 hours. These hours can be completed by your student(s) working part-time during term time (e.g. 1 or 2 days per week as long as this does not conflict with the students’ academic commitments) or full-time during University holidays.

Next Steps

To express your interest and find out how to submit an internship role, please contact our Business Placements Team via email:

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