Who are the MPA?

If you work in the creative, media, publishing or digital industries of Manchester then it is simple. We are you.

Our not-for-profit membership organisation today comprises over 2000 people. People from the media, film, creative and digital industries. People ranging from the great and the good to the greenest of newcomers. We are the largest publicity association in Europe. But we want to grow.

Our aim is to create a rich, dynamic, stimulating community of and for creatively minded people. It is to give you a voice and a sense of belonging. It is to give you the chance to be part of an organisation which you own, shape, evolve and control.

Our remit, on the other hand, is to raise funds for the National Agency Benevolent Society (NABS), which helps those in need from the creative industries. In addition we think it is important to support other worthwhile Manchester based charity bodies from time to time.

Members of the MPA have access to a wide range of activities. These include business lunches, networking, training programmes, social and sporting events and talent and skills initiatives.

To find out more about the MPA and how you can get involved contact Cindy Simmons