‘Freelancing and Fresh Perspectives’ with Polly Ward and Rick Ward

“We want to do nice work for nice people.”

Freelancers are key to supporting the industry, so how can they be better supported?

Podcast Host and MD of MPA Cindy Simmons gets the perspective of Polly and Rick Ward, the father and daughter founders of We Are The Allies.

Allies is a creative freelance network matching freelancers together with clients. Both freelancers themselves, Rick and Polly bring fresh insights into how you can bring a freelancer onto a project and the benefits of doing so. They also divulge the most in-demand creative roles, plus how freelancers are adapting to a changing market with the rise of AI.

Rick is an award winning Creative Director who has worked in the ad industry for 30 + years. He started his career in Manchester agencies before moving to London. Rick has cracked some of the nation’s biggest creative briefs, in top London agencies such as Ayer, Leo Burnett & Publicis as well as a stint in Hong Kong as group head on Cathay Pacific airlines. Rick has won numerous creative awards from Cannes Lions, Campaign poster awards, Creative circle, Clio and Roses. He founded the creative network We are the Allies in 2019 – a freelance network with over 500 freelancers, serving 165 agencies across the UK.

Polly Ward is a highly experienced creative, having worked her editing magic on a whole host of award winning commercials and content for some of the UK’s biggest brands. With her finger on the pulse of what makes content click, Polly now runs all things content and post production for The Allies.

In this episode, Cindy will also update you on the latest upcoming MPA events and news.

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