After over 30 years of operation, we are very excited to begin our next chapter within WilsonCooke – Brand Performance.

At WilsonCooke, as a Brand Performance Agency, we’re acutely aware that in order to truly change a business and to propel it to new heights, a balance of brand and performance marketing must be found. And that is what we do, we help drive your brand forward, and your business upwards.

So, what do we do? We find and establish new paths to deliver, from acquiring and retaining customers to converting those same new customers into sales which in turn, grows your business.

Marketing success is all about shortening the ‘awareness to spend’ path – the key metrics are brand awareness, low-cost acquisition, clinical conversion, optimised retention and enhanced reactivation, leading to incrementally growing customer lifetime values – this is achieved by combining brand marketing and performance marketing.

Brand marketing defines the reputation of a company, its values, trustworthiness and the quality of its offerings. By seeking to enhance credibility and promoting an emotive response from the consumers, customer loyalty is increased and buyers become more motivated.

Whereas performance marketing operates in the realm of data. We love data at WilsonCooke, by analysing concrete data, such as lead generations and conversions, we are able to see what works, and what needs adjustments. Everything we do is objective, driven by insights and analysis of data. 

There is no ‘off the shelf’ plan at WilsonCooke, each client is individual, therefore with each client, we create an individual plan, tailored to their individual and specific needs. We work with your team, providing our support and expertise in the areas our clients need it most. We’re not a company of ‘Yes Men,’ if we see something amiss, we’ll challenge you on it. We are here to bring value and to drive your business forward. After all, progress stems from change.

We’re proactive, not reactive, and this forward-thinking approach has allowed us to grow, and our clients to grow. We’re in this together, and we grow, together. We lead from behind, and we own everything we do. The customer is king, from our client’s customers to our clients, and this customer-centric approach is what drives growth and progress.

We are WilsonCooke. Here to build strong brands, increase brand value, and here to grow. Together.