Last year’s MPA awards saw Wavemaker win three high profile people category awards.

MPA MD Cindy Simmons asked them to describe how it felt to win on the night and also to describe what it meant to them both professionally and personally. Here are their responses:

Lisa Thompson, Business Director, Wavemaker North

“I still can’t believe I won the Inspiring Manchester Award. I honestly really did not expect it. Winning this award was an absolute honour and something I am ridiculously proud of.

“While winning an award was never the motivation to tackle diversity in our industry, sometimes the work is challenging. It can feel like you’re pushing water uphill, so this accolade gives me the drive to keep going, and I hope it shows that you should use your voice and fight for what you believe in.”

Pari Adams, Strategy & Planning Executive

“Winning the MPA Rising Star Award means the world to me. It felt incredible to have my work validated and my achievements recognised by people outside of my day to day.

“The win helped me reflect on my career progress, instilled a sense of confidence in me, and drove me to keep building up my skills..”

Emma Slater, Regional Managing Director

“Over the years I have watched many amazing people in the industry receive the MPA Award, every one of them thoroughly deserving of it.

“They have all made significant contributions to this is wonderful industry and have legacies which impact us all. To be sat there in 2022 and hear my name called out as the 2022 winner was totally overwhelming. I was humbled, but very proud … proud to be part of this industry in a city full of so much passion and talent.

“As I said on the night, I am privileged – we all are privileged – and I am determined to keep using my voice to ensure we all use that privilege to champion our city and use our industry to make long-lasting and impactful change.”

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MPA Team