Seventy7 were appointed in September 2018 to help Creative England tell more stories of success that inspire and motivate people to success.

Creative England is a not-for-profit organisation supporting the creative industries in England across games, film, creative and digital media and production services. seventy7’s branding and digital team were challenged to create something that targeted a diverse range of people and ensured they could navigate to the support offered by Creative England.

Paul Casey, head of digital at seventy7 said, “Creative England came to us with a clear vision for their organisation, something our team could really get their teeth stuck into. At the heart of the project, their already engaging content meant our job hinged on creating custom user journeys that would showcase and elevate Creative England’s passion for media, games, film and beyond.”

The outcome was a modern website that was designed to target and engage each of the individual user personas through their personal journey. The bespoke website was developed with WordPress as its core foundation, providing an easy-to-use CMS site that allows the Creative England team to easily populate it with their content ongoing. Specific functionality around a modular approach to page layouts and a custom page builder were developed too, meaning Creative England can easily create and style their own pages without the need of development support moving forward.

Abby Brennan, Digital content producer at Creative England said, “Seventy7 have done a fantastic job with the new site. We spent a lot of time with their brand, creative and digital team to make sure we had the right platform that would reflect who we wanted to target and also provide a super easy-to-use CMS. We love the new site and couldn’t be more pleased with the job Seventy7 have done, creating something that looks great and fits our more practical needs.”

Take a look at Creative England’s new website: