Despite the end of term creeping closer, we still have plenty of opportunities for employers to access our students and graduate talent. We were recently branded “A powerhouse of creative industry talent” by Christian James at the MPA Awards, where three of our students won the Student Award and Apprentice Award. Get in touch today to find out how we can help connect you to our student and graduate talent.

Build Back Better – Funding for SMEs in Greater Manchester

We know times have been difficult in recent months. That’s why we want to support employers with the opportunity to employ our students and graduates with the help of our employer funding schemes.

We can help fund short and long-term opportunities through internships, industry placements and graduate jobs. Whether you need to grow your business due to increasing demand, build your talent pipeline, fill a skills gap, or have a specific project or work your staff may not have time to complete – we are here to help.

Manchester Metropolitan University can contribute up to a maximum of £1000 towards your costs of this employment opportunity if you appoint a candidate put forward under this scheme.  The funding is available to help support the provision of both short and long-term opportunities, such as internships, industry placements and graduate jobs.

Please note, this scheme is open to SMEs based in Greater Manchester.

To get involved, please express you interest here.

The deadline to apply is 14 May 2021.