The MPA team are working hard to provide support for the many challenges we are all facing. One issue that is currently driving a lot of debate among our members revolves around property. Whether landlord, tenant, leaseholder or desk-renter, many are looking for support to alleviate financial or relationship tensions. Cheetham & Mortimer are a respected firm of chartered surveyors here in Manchester, well placed and happy to help our members in what can often be a baffling, frustrating … but vital … aspect of agency life.

Here’s Stephen Perrett, Partner at C&M to introduce how they can help.

MPA team

“We’ve all heard about what “unprecedented times we’re in” but as a firm of Chartered Surveyors we’re constantly being asked what the implications are if you hold your property on a lease and are struggling to pay the rent now, or foresee it becoming a future problem.

Cheetham & Mortimer have been based in Manchester for over 40 years. We provide advice to tenants and landlords across the North of England on all manner of property issues, much of will be very relevant to the predicament many firms are currently experiencing, such as:

  • Scrutinising leases to assess what liabilities you may have as a tenant and what opportunities there may be to mitigate your position.
  • Negotiating with landlords (or tenants) to find a potential solution to reduce your occupational costs.
  • Advice to tenants looking to market their lease.
  • Advice to landlords about marketing properties that have, or are likely to become vacant, which could include advice on repurposing the use of the property.

No two properties or problems are the same, neither are the possible solutions but we’re able to provide confidential, professional advice. In the first instance please take a look at our website or email me direct to set up a call/zoom meet, for an initial consultation which we are happy to do for free for all MPA members.”

Stephen Perrett, Partner