First up for our member spotlight series for 2023 is Danny Turnbull, owner of Agency Consultancy Services.

Danny is a specialist Non Exec Director focussed exclusively on the independent agency space, not just here in Manchester where he has his roots, but all over the UK and beyond.

Having spent a lifetime (30 years) in agencies and half of them running large agencies in the North of England, London and Europe, Danny decided during 2020 to finally hang up his MD boots and to pursue a long standing dream to work as an NXD/consultant in the agency space. Almost 3 years later he’s been lucky enough to work with close to 100 agencies, and enter this year with a nearly full client book of ambitious, like minded agencies.

Agency Business Name
Agency Consultancy Services

What do you do?
I sit on the board or act as consultant to independent agency owners to help them to run and to grow their businesses. Giving them the benefit of an external and unbiased perspective this can take a variety of formats from consultant to coach and mentor to accountability partner.

Who do you do it for?
All of my clients are agency owners or leaders in the independent agency space from a few hundred thousand to several million in revenue. Working largely but not exclusively virtually I work with agencies of all different shapes, specialisms and sizes from across the UK and beyond.

Who / what kind of businesses would you like to do more with?
One of the first lessons that I learned becoming a consultant was that it was a relationship premised on shared values. Everyone knows the don’t work with arseholes rule right but agencies always find an excuse to short circuit that. As an NXD working closely with an agency lead it’s absolutely essential that there is a mutual respect and trust. That’s why I am very particular who I take on and ensure we’ve both done our ‘due diligence’ prior to any engagement.

How would your best client describe you?
That’s a hard question for a self deprecating and introverted Northerner but there are probably some on my LI profile. At a push I’d probably say an add blend of commercially focussed but fun!

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