When the MPA conducted its Diversity & Inclusion survey, one of the key reasons we don’t have enough diverse candidates looking to join our industry was identified as the fact that there are a distinct lack of visible role models within the sector. To combat this, the MPA are launching our ‘A Place for You’ campaign which aims to champion and celebrate the truly diverse array of role models who are currently flourishing in our sector.

We want to spotlight how our enterprising City embraces and promotes diversity through role models of various ethnicities, genders, faiths, abilities, sexualities and social backgrounds….the list goes on.

We’ll celebrate our role models in an ongoing campaign through the MPA membership, across social channels and thanks to the generous support of Ocean Outdoor – across poster sites across the city.

What do we mean by a Role Model?

We believe it’s someone who shows people how to live with integrity, optimism, determination, and compassion. It’s someone who:

  • Demonstrates confidence and leadership
  • Isn’t afraid to be unique
  • Shows respect for others
  • Acts as a source of hope for others

We want to hear from you!

To kick things off, we’re calling upon you, our wonderful MPA members, to identify these diverse industry role models.

You can help us in two ways, either:

  1. Nominate yourself as a role model if you are happy to bring your story to the public, or
  2. Nominate someone you know whose story can inspire others.

If you’re interested in becoming a role model, or would like to nominate someone else, click here to find out more on how you can get involved with this campaign.

MPA team