Many thanks to MPA members Sue Benson and her team at The Behaviours Agency who have offered to share this blog with us …

“There’s no doubt that these are uncertain and worrying times for everyone, and it’s only right that we put the focus firmly on the health and wellbeing of those closest to us.

However it hasn’t escaped our notice just how much emphasis is being placed on behavioural science in the battle against the spread of coronavirus.

Our Planning Director, Steve Brunt, has written a blog on how the Government is applying a range of behavioural science techniques designed to influence how we behave so that infection rates are kept under control.

Leveraging the drivers of behaviour on a large scale is a fascinating example of the power, not to mention importance, of behavioural science in today’s world, particularly when the stakes couldn’t be any higher.

Read the blog here

Sue Benson
Managing Director, The Behaviours Agency