After three decades, WilsonCooke is entering an exciting new chapter in its history, while staying true to the ambitions, ideals and values that have led us to such success so far.

After 31 years, we are proud to say we are still independent with the same leadership team. This continuation of the way we trade, how we work and the partners with whom we work, means that our clients still, and will always, stand out from the crowd.

To allow WilsonCooke to develop further and look to the future in how we can help our clients and their businesses, we have restructured so that we now have a holding company (WilsonCooke/Holdings). This allows us to have distinct business units that focus on their specialisms.

Firstly we have WilsonCooke/Brand Performance, a modern Brand Performance agency for a changing world.

We help drive your brand forward and your business upward by connecting your brand to today’s connected consumers. We call this ThinkingForward.

We believe that choosing the correct balance of brand and performance marketing has the capability to change business and drive it forwards. No matter what sector you work in, a balance is required and the work is never done. Constant manipulation and optimisation are key.

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We are particularly excited to introduce you to the first new business within the Holdings set up – GAIN LINE.

GAIN LINE exists to help our clients generate greater commercial gains, through the digital optimisation of business processes.

We use our deep knowledge and experience to identify the key areas where change will be instrumental to future business success. And our teams are the instruments of both creating and implementing that change.

Working in direct partnership with clients ready to gain from change and who rightly want to see the return on that investment. If we can’t demonstrate the gain, we’re not doing it.

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Mark Law, Group Managing Director commented, “Transforming our business and continuous improvement are not new. These new changes are further steps in seeking ways to deliver our mandate and enjoy a sustained period of growth.

With this new structure, I’m very keen to grow the overall group both organically and by acquiring existing businesses which align with our overall goals. We have invested heavily in both WilsonCooke/Brand Performance and GAIN LINE over the past 12-18 months and have a great team perfectly aligned to help our current and new clients reach their own growth aspirations. I look forward to a very exciting few years ahead as WilsonCooke/Holdings goes from strength to strength.”

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