GM Chamber have an exciting new opportunity to share with members; They have recently launched ‘Power Up Agency’ which ‘powers up’ on-the-job learning through apprenticeships.

Having been awarded funding from the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), The Arts Council and Greater Manchester Combined Authority to pilot the project, GM Chamber are launching 50 creative project assistant apprentices’ level 3 (A-Level equivalent) before September 2023.

Here is a brief outline of how this unique programme will work:

  • GMCC will act as the flexi-job apprenticeship agency
  • GMCC will employ the apprentice and host them with employers, meaning you only need to commit to a 6-month placement from £300 a week.
  • Apprentices must work on a creative project for their duration with the business
  • Access to a diverse local talent pool
  • One-to-one support for apprentices and your business
  • Access to the best funded training with Bauer Media
  • We will match the most suitable apprentices to the roles/businesses available

If you are interested in hosting an apprentice, please register your interest using the following link –

At the MPA we are committed to finding supporting and nurturing next generation talent and we hope you will take this opportunity to help someone get on the ladder!

MPA team