Welcome to our latest member spotlight; an opportunity for our members to introduce themselves to one another, make connections and spread the word about your business.

Next up is Director of not-for-profit enterprise North West Media, Lee Dinsale. Working with young people and communities across the region, Lee explains what North West media is all about in our interview below.

Agency / Business name
North West Media

What do you do?
North West Media is predominantly involved with ‘social mobility’. It is an independent, not-for-profit social value enterprise that owns Unity Radio which has broadcast on FM since 2010 and was granted its OFCOM license as a result of its history of reaching into communities with engaging outreach projects, helping young people, improve their skills, wellbeing and future opportunities, creating a solid foundation of local, grass roots support across the region.

Unity Radio has a unique, innovative and underground music policy meaning its broadcast is very different to the majority of FM radio stations across Greater Manchester.

Broadcasting a range of local, national and international underground artists its programming reflects the tastes, interests and popular trends of its audience meaning it has a loyal following across Greater Manchester. As a result of this Unity Radio also provides advertising, sponsorship and marketing related services for brands that want to reach its audience across Greater Manchester.
North West Media also is proud to be developing its New Talent Academy; Real Life Learning and innovative vocational education, training and pre-employment centre for young people and adults, providing accredited creative, digital and media courses followed by training at Unity Radio.

North West Media is also able provide for professionals innovative corporate team building workshops which include the development of resilience, enhancing leadership and improving communication. The workshops focus on developing presentation, pitching and sales skills by delivering a half day workshop in a professional FM radio station studio at Media City. Participants/teams will be challenged to design, develop and then broadcast a live 1 hour radio show on Unity Radio. The workshop is excellent for business wanting to develop sales training as broadcasting a live FM radio show certainly is an effective way to practice pitching under pressure.

Who do you do it for?
As a unique broadcaster based in Media City we focus on development of skills and encouraging individuals to achieve their goals with our New Talent Academy and professional team building workshops. We are also able to support SMEs and larger business with their marketing campaigns across Greater Manchester

Who / what kind of businesses would you like to do more with?
We would like to firstly invite members to speak to our learners about career in the creative, media and digital sector. This would involve face to face workshops and live radio interviews. We would also like to speak to more members about our new team building workshop as these are unique and provide a different experience to traditional corporate training.

How would your best client describe you?
Testimony from a local partner describing our New Talent Academy: “We were really impressed with the provision and the testimonies of the young people who we met and those on the videos we watched. I think you’ve created a really unique environment which is supportive, aspirational and most importantly something young people can buy into and feel a part of.”

To connect with Lee, you can email him here.

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