Canopy Media has been appointed to manage the inserts and classified advertising for The BT Phone Book. Established in 1880, The BT Phone Book has been used in homes and businesses for over 100 years.

Printing 168 local editions and delivering to 21 million homes and businesses, The BT Phone Book is one of the UK’s most trusted and prominent household names. This combination of brand power and reach enables The BT Phone Book to connect people and businesses unlike any other advertiser. Canopy are delighted to present the trusted brand, which is home to over 100,000 advertisers, to their extensive network of agencies and clients.

Canopy has significant experience in providing a specialist sales and management resource which will efficiently and effectively help expand The BT Phone Book customer base. This move will see Canopy handling all Inserts and Classified advertising from BT’s national Phone Book accounts with immediate effect.

This partnership follows the success of Canopy’s existing long-term partnerships with other key partners, which include The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, Reach PLC, Hearst, Future, The Spectator,

Haymarket and HELLO! Magazine.

John Ware, Head of Directories and The BT Phone Book, said:

“The iconic BT Phone Book is delivered to 21 million homes and businesses, and remains an important advertising tool for local businesses. Through partnering with Canopy Media we’re excited to enhance our multi-platform advertising offer to businesses.”

Paloma Walder, Commercial Director at Canopy Media, says:

‘We are delighted to be partnering with The BT Phone Book. This will be a truly multiplatform partnership, delivering results across both their Inserts and Classified revenue lines. We are excited to begin work on such a unique opportunity that simultaneously offers broad reach and scale to the marketplace whilst remaining within a trusted environment. The BT Phone Book delivers access to the home on a level unrivalled outside of the door drop arena.’