Why Collaborate?

The MPAs aim is to help companies to collaborate with each other to achieve more. With so many specialists in the media sector, collaborating means the sum is the greater of its parts.

One of our main aims is to bring together businesses and individuals from the creative and communications sector allowing them to build relationships and collaborate for mutual benefit.  Manchester has a vibrant and ever growing creative sector and many businesses ahve complimentary skills which when brought together, have the potential to achieve something beautiful.  Through our regular events we aim to bring these businesses together and provide the opportunity for collaboration.

Of course, this collaboration cannot be forced.  But our experience of the Manchester creative industry shows that, on the whole, we are a friendly bunch! And relationships which start as nothing more than a chat over a beer, or a chance meeting at an event, can blossom into much more.  What could this mean for your business? You wont know until you try, so get involved, attend some events, and lets see where it takes us.

If you want to become involved with the MPA contact Cindy Simmons cindy@mpa.org.uk

Our membership list gives you an idea of the talent we have in and around Manchester.