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(Living) Room 101

by Lisa Nichols and Gary Fawcett, TBWA\Manchester Lockdown has been a time of steep learning curves, for everyone. (Who knew about TEAMS before this?) It’s meant that we’ve ALL had to get more creative about nearly everything in our working lives. And we think that is no bad thing. More creative with how we work from home, especially if there are school age kids going feral. More creative in how we think as agency teams, vital as lots of people are now on furlough. How we solve problems for our clients, how we service our clients, how we talk to [...]

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New date for MPA Awards dinner – 10th March 2021. Plus entry deadline extended until 18th September 2020

From our ongoing member consultations, we know how hard everyone is working right now to keep things moving in the right direction for you, your teams and your clients. Whilst we are all encouraged by the fact that things are starting to open up, we also have to recognize as an association, that award entries are most likely not your priority right now. To give everyone more time to get their entries together, we have decided to move the MPA Awards celebratory dinner to 10th March 2021. Entries can still be prepared and submitted over the coming weeks / months [...]

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Kindness is also contagious

by Rachel Ward Lilley, business & educational psychologist Even before the official lockdown, a lecturer in Cornwall started a kindness campaign, offering support for those self-isolating. It took the form of leafleting neighbours with contact details of people prepared to offer help with shopping, collecting prescriptions or regular check-in phone calls. Her facebook page sharing her ideas soon circulated and others copied and spread the goodness worldwide. Life is difficult for so many people. There is suffering, sadness, madness and worry, so it is heartening to see, alongside it all, that people are helping each other – friends and strangers [...]

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Ten things brands should be doing on social media to ensure Covid-19 recovery

By Anna Wilson, Head of Digital Development at Tangerine As the lockdown restrictions are lifting, eyes are turning from ‘hibernation’ or ‘maintenance’ activity to recovery planning. The truth of the matter is that not all businesses will be able to turn the lights back on and expect instant traffic or footfall during the recovery plan. Many will have to work to (re)engage their audiences online, communicate what their offer is going to look like now and to build up the awareness and goodwill that will lead to sales and leads in the future. The industry might have you believe that [...]

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Positive provocations in lockdown

by Mick Style, CEO, Wavemaker North Few of us ever imagined that we’d ever work though a global emergency, but that’s what it is, still is, and remains maybe for some time yet as we move from easing lockdown into a new phase of recovery. It has been brutal for many families, individuals, businesses and communities - and our love to them all. One lesson I’ve learnt from the most tragic of personal circumstances is that you’ve got to have hope. Always. Whatever you’re up against. Without trivialising the ongoing horror and hardships for some right now, we have to [...]

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‘We will come out of this stronger’ by Jamie Scahill, director of Manchester Union Brewery

Manchester Union Brewery is Manchester's first and only dedicated craft lager brewery. Photo left: Jamie Scahill, director of Manchester Union Brewery From the first conversation Will Evans (co-director) and I had, to us brewing our first batch of Manchester Union Lager, took over 4 years. During this time we weren’t waiting for the project to come together by itself, we were working very hard to move it forward. We thought the biggest challenge would be the financing but that was easy compared to finding a manufacturer to build the brewery that we wanted. You see, our brewhouse is unique: it’s [...]

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How to be creative in the age of Covid-19

Q&A with Richard Pearson, Creative Director, BJL It’s clear that the coronavirus crisis is forcing businesses to rethink their approach to advertising and communications at such a challenging time. Amid all the disruption and the restrictions of lockdown, Manchester-based creative agency BJL has been busy adapting its processes so that it can remain as reactive to the needs of clients as possible. Here, BJL’s Creative Director Richard Pearson explains how brands can remain relevant during the crisis, and why advertising is still an essential growth driver during a downturn. Has the role of creativity shifted during the coronavirus crisis? RP: [...]

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How and why I gave up the career I loved by Roger Ward

Roger Ward is former MD of BDH/TBWA and now owner of Manchester’s independent chop houses L-R: Andy Hamilton, MBE, Mark Hamilton and Roger Ward in Studio Egrem, Habana, Cuba, Dec 1999 I was with my dad, Norman, for three weeks before he died in September 1999. I still miss him everyday. The last question he asked me was why I was still working for other people. BDH (as I still call us) had just won Agency of the Decade. After his funeral, I went back to work and finished chairing the IPA’s area Advertising Effectiveness Awards. We held a dinner [...]

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‘Lockdown learning’ by Phil Cookson, director at Creative Resource

By Phil Cookson, director at Creative Resource & co-founder School of Thought It’s fair to say that the last few weeks have been challenging for all of us in the creative and marketing industries, whether we are working from home, on furlough, running businesses, seeking jobs or freelancing. At Creative Resource, we’ve been working with universities, brands and agencies for some time with events like Handle This, School of Thought and Two+Two.  Using those contacts we have been able to pull together a programme of virtual workshops, masterclasses and webinars for industry folk and this year’s graduates.  The creative and [...]

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Property advice from Cheetham & Mortimer

The MPA team are working hard to provide support for the many challenges we are all facing. One issue that is currently driving a lot of debate among our members revolves around property. Whether landlord, tenant, leaseholder or desk-renter, many are looking for support to alleviate financial or relationship tensions. Cheetham & Mortimer are a respected firm of chartered surveyors here in Manchester, well placed and happy to help our members in what can often be a baffling, frustrating ... but vital ... aspect of agency life. Here’s Stephen Perrett, Partner at C&M to introduce how they can help. MPA [...]

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