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Compassion, collaboration and creative thinking in a crisis

By Caroline Moran, board director of Clear. I have worked in the events industry for 16 years. In March 2020, as the Covid-19 crisis unfolded, my sector was hit harder and faster than any other. Don’t get me wrong, everyone else quickly followed suit, but for a good few days we seemed to be dealing with a disaster that no other businesses we knew and worked with were yet caught up in. Our back-to-back month of events in March went from 12 events to just 2, and those 2 had already taken place in the early part of the month, [...]

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When crisis hit, it was time to get Podgy

By Phil Jones, founder of Podge Events As Podge celebrated its 25th anniversary recently I am often asked where the name Podge came from and how it started. As Covid19 takes hold and we are all forced indoors to self isolate this is as good a time as any to tell the story. WHY and WHEN? Firstly, in the year that The MPA will celebrate its 100th year in Manchester a little bit of background about my journey. I grew up on Langley Council Estate in north Manchester, nearest shops were in Middleton which had three cinemas back in those days, a fantastic [...]

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Leading Yourself and Your Team in Challenging Times…

By Martin Murphy, Founder Elite Leadership Global Academy I’ve been asked a lot recently about how one should lead their team during this COVID-19 crisis. The first thing to remember is not to fall into a victim mindset yourself. It’s often expected that you as the leader should be Teflon coated and impervious to doubts. That’s not true, we all suffer doubts. To overcome them it’s important to remember this situation is not: Personal: The first noble truth of Buddhism is that life is painful at times, but suffering is optional. The suffering comes from you developing a ‘victim mindset’ [...]

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MPA Blog Share: ‘Next time, we do things differently’

by Tom Cheesewright, applied futurist. No-one saw this pandemic coming. We knew it was a possibility, but not this soon or with this scale of impact. It will leave a mark that lives long in the memory. Some things will return to normal when the lockdown lifts. Where change is not enforced, one way or another, I believe that there will be little visible impact on our day-to-day behaviour. I suspect there will be a boom in consumer spending from those that can afford it, and many who can’t, hungry for new experiences and enabled by cheap credit. But lots [...]

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NABS: your source of support in these challenging times

by Kate Harris, regional director of NABS NABS, the advertising and media industry charity, is here to support you and your teams during this challenging time and beyond. Our mission is to support the wellbeing of everybody working in our industry. We passionately believe that wellbeing, from emotional to financial health, is at the centre of happiness and success at work and beyond and our services are all designed to help people to thrive. We’re here for you whatever your role or level, freelance or permanent. There’s something for everyone and, best of all, our core services are free, because [...]

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MAG and NHS collaborate to drive national media campaign: ‘Stand Up, Step Forward, Save Lives’

NHS Professionals (NHSP) and ‘Media Agency Group’ have had phenomenal success to a national media campaign to attract more healthcare professionals back into the NHS to help fight the Corona Virus pandemic – attracting 24,000 to respond to the ‘call-to-action’ in just ten days. The campaign titled ‘Stand up, Step Forward, Save Lives’, is a national drive which is currently running across prime spots on national radio and TV channels to raise awareness of NHS Professionals’ COVID-19 Rapid Response service - which was launched to accelerate the bank registration process and move qualified nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals to the front line as quickly as possible. John Kehoe CEO [...]

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‘To Zoom: What THIS teaches us about being human’

 by Dan Sodergren, FLOCK A few months back if you asked for a zoom – you might have been asking for nostalgic UK ice lolly. Rather than to connect on a video conferencing software that is taking over the world. But in these new times of working from home as the norm rather than the exception. Zoom has taken on a whole new meaning. Zoom is like Hoover. As vacuuming is to video conferencing. Zoom is zooming. And like many pieces of technology that now look like the “future” or the new norm. ZOOM is not an “overnight sensation” it [...]

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Roland Dransfield launches ‘creative exchange’ to support creative sector through Covid-19 crisis

Manchester-headquartered PR agency Roland Dransfield has launched a new initiative to keep the city’s creative industry thriving in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic. The agency, which set up in the city 24 years ago, is dubbing the scheme ‘We Built This City: Creative Exchange’, in a nod to its podcast which was launched last month. The Creative Exchange will allow businesses across the city within the tech, media, digital and creative sphere to ‘plug the gaps’ left behind by staff members who have had to be placed on furlough as a result of the escalating Covid-19 situation. Agencies in [...]

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MPA Member Blog Share – ‘Manchester, we’ll be back on our feet’

The video from DoodleDo Motion - 'Manchester, we’ll be back on our feet' - caught all of our attention at the weekend, striking a chord with us just at that very moment when we needed a reminder of all things great about our city. It has now had nearly half a million views across twitter, facebook and instagram and has been shared about 8,000 times. Have a read of our latest blog from creator of the video, James Torry, Founder of DoodleDo Motion, and the process behind the compilation. "Like most agencies in our discipline, the past couple of weeks [...]

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Showcasing Members’ Work – Jam_

During this strange time our members are having to be even more creative to support their clients and specific sectors hardest hit. Today’s Blog is from Jam_ Managing Director, Jaime Gee who looks at how the hospitality sector can weather the COVID-19 crisis and keep customers engaged. The blog includes a link to a free social media toolkit, providing easy to follow guidance for independents in the hospitality industry, and beyond.  "With the UK hospitality industry employing over 3.2 million people, it is vital that we keep, what we here at Jam regard as the nation’s fourth emergency service, alive, well and [...]

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