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Crafting a 3D world to bring the love story of a Gingerbread man to life

By Jonathan Ashworth, founder of Mighty Giant: The Moving Image Company There are many moving parts (pardon the pun) when it comes to the production of an animated short film. A project at Mighty Giant ranges from simple animation, to 3D modelling, through to filmed production. Sometimes a job means we need to get all the tools out the box; this short film we made before Christmas was one such example. We were approached late last year by Fox Agency in Leeds to help them with a Christmas film for a global manufacturing company. The creative had been written, with [...]

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A new strategic services agency, for a new era

Steve McCarron (former MD of Cheetham Bell JWT, and gyro), Rebecca Ashley and Helen Davies (Planning Directors at Planning Express and formerly of TBWA) are launching a new kind of strategic services agency called ‘The Planning Department’. As clients and agencies respond to tough economic conditions, they will depend on smaller teams which are able to scale up as required by bringing outside specialists in. The Planning Department believes that this trend plays to the strengths of the strategy discipline, which is at its best when representing diverse points of view from outside of the core team. Diversity of thinking [...]

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Anticipating the slope of enlightenment

by Dan McNicholas, 4and20million co-founder You may have come across the Gartner Hype Cycle before now.  With one simple curve, it eloquently describes the phases of hype that accompany every new trend, gadget, big idea and lifestyle choice we experience.  From a spark of inspiration or trigger of change, our expectations quickly rise to inflated levels as we put all our faith in this new concept to be lifechanging (hello, lockdown sourdough bakers!).   But what goes up must come down, and from the lofty heights of the Peak of Inflated Expectations, we inevitably descend into the Trough of Disillusionment, [...]

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One Brand Magic and Mustard host ‘virtual roundtable’ on lockdown’s impact on home interest brands

Manchester-based integrated communications agency, One Brand Magic, and Mustard Research teamed up to host a virtual roundtable with senior KBB leaders to discuss how lockdown has affected their businesses and how brands and retailers should react to the crisis. The roundtable was held via Zoom on Wednesday 3rd June and aimed to uncover opinions and predictions for the future among senior executives from some of the industry’s biggest home interest brands, including Blum, Franke, Moduleo and Ideal Standard. Informed by research gathered from various sources, the discussion centred around the impact of Covid-19 and how the nationwide lockdown is likely [...]

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“What’s next for co-working?”

by Dunstan Carter, business development manager, The Sharp Project Except for key workers, the majority of people across the UK have found themselves either furloughed or working from home over the last three months. The odd eerily accurate science fiction film aside, no-one could’ve predicted anything like this happening a year ago and it's turned most sectors upside down and given them a big, unwelcome shake. Before the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lockdown, the creative sector in Manchester was booming and co-working hubs were popping up all over the city and thriving. The spirit of collaboration seemed buoyed by all [...]

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Working from home for some time to come

by Andy Garner, MD, More Media Sales We’ve always had a fairly flexible set up here at More Media Sales.  Flexible working is something we’ve embraced from the beginning and so working from home was not particularly new to anyone.  The whole team working from home ... for getting on for 3 months ... well yes that is a bit different. There are obvious challenges that I’m sure we’ve all encountered – self motivation, working whilst home schooling, staying away from the fridge …! But we’ve somewhat surprisingly found a lot of good things about this new working set up. Aside from [...]

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Covid-19 – ‘Time to be on your best behaviour’

By Roxanne Vure, Associate Director, MediaCom Manchester The Covid-19 pandemic has brought dramatic changes to everybody’s lives. And not surprisingly, with global lockdowns and the resulting economic slowdown, there have been significant impacts on all companies. Consumer behaviours are having to constantly evolve and adapt to new guidelines and circumstances; as a result, attitudes towards brands are altering. Kantar research found that globally 78% of consumers believe brands should help them in their daily lives, and 75% say brands should inform people about what they’re doing. Consumers expect more from brands. More than ever they are under intense scrutiny, those [...]

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(Living) Room 101

by Lisa Nichols and Gary Fawcett, TBWA\Manchester Lockdown has been a time of steep learning curves, for everyone. (Who knew about TEAMS before this?) It’s meant that we’ve ALL had to get more creative about nearly everything in our working lives. And we think that is no bad thing. More creative with how we work from home, especially if there are school age kids going feral. More creative in how we think as agency teams, vital as lots of people are now on furlough. How we solve problems for our clients, how we service our clients, how we talk to [...]

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Kindness is also contagious

by Rachel Ward Lilley, business & educational psychologist Even before the official lockdown, a lecturer in Cornwall started a kindness campaign, offering support for those self-isolating. It took the form of leafleting neighbours with contact details of people prepared to offer help with shopping, collecting prescriptions or regular check-in phone calls. Her facebook page sharing her ideas soon circulated and others copied and spread the goodness worldwide. Life is difficult for so many people. There is suffering, sadness, madness and worry, so it is heartening to see, alongside it all, that people are helping each other – friends and strangers [...]

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Ten things brands should be doing on social media to ensure Covid-19 recovery

By Anna Wilson, Head of Digital Development at Tangerine As the lockdown restrictions are lifting, eyes are turning from ‘hibernation’ or ‘maintenance’ activity to recovery planning. The truth of the matter is that not all businesses will be able to turn the lights back on and expect instant traffic or footfall during the recovery plan. Many will have to work to (re)engage their audiences online, communicate what their offer is going to look like now and to build up the awareness and goodwill that will lead to sales and leads in the future. The industry might have you believe that [...]

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