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MPA Blog Share: The importance of ‘meaning’ in the workplace

By Stuart O'Donnell, MD, Boardwalk Studio I recently read an article on Harvard Business Review which got me thinking. The article was about 'meaning' in the workplace and what value employees place on this. Which when implemented well is a benefit for both employees and employers. The article looked at research actually undertaken in the 70's by Studs Terkel, the respected writer, broadcaster and historian of American life. According to Terkel, work is about a search for 'daily meaning as well as daily bread, for recognition as well as cash and for astonishment rather than torpor'. Over 40 odd years [...]

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Welcome to February’s MPA member spotlight

Welcome to the second MPA member spotlight of 2021; An opportunity to meet one of our members, so you know who they are and what they’re all about. We hope you enjoy reading, and that some new member partnerships might flourish. This time, we are delighted to welcome Charlotte Ashcroft, Head of Sales at seventy7, who gives us some insight into seventy7 and what they're all about... Agency / Business name seventy7 What do you do? We are seventy7, a fully integrated creative agency. We are a team of digital, creative and photographic experts that work together for our clients, helping [...]

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The future of the high street

What is the future of the high street and what does it mean for agencies? By Sue Benson, MD, The Behaviours Agency I feel like I’ve been writing about this topic and its ugly sister, the death of the high street, for most of my 20 years in retail marketing. And every year it gets slightly more depressing, chipping away at little moments of optimism I experience. Clearly, in the middle of lockdown high streets are barren places. But I’m hopeful that at some point soon they’ll be open again. And it’s this post-COVID world that I’ll be exploring here. [...]

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MPA Blog Share: ‘The Power of Personal Values’

By Caroline Moran, MD, Clear New month, new mindset… and as we are nearly at the 12-month mark since the events industry fell off a cliff, an ideal time for reflection. I don’t mind sharing that Lockdown Part 3 has been the hardest one for me. A combination of cold weather and 4pm sunsets has been a slog. Home schooling has ramped up which is brilliant but comes with pressure, guilt, swearing at technology and wishing I wasn’t Mum, teacher and the IT department all rolled into one. (Not forgetting school cook, cleaner and occasional truancy officer). We are all [...]

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MPA Blog Share: 🤯 ‘Manchester, how’s your head?’

By Liane Grimshaw, MD of Supareal and Host and Curator at Manchester Meditate. Let me cut to the chase… Meditation is a simple, yet powerful practice that has enabled me to cope with life’s challenges (better). And it played an important role in helping me overcome depression and anxiety. That’s why, with everything going on, I felt compelled to do something that might help people and raise some much needed funds for local charity Forever Manchester. That compulsion has now culminated in the launch of a unique online event, or should I say, series of events, under the banner 'Manchester, [...]

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Welcome to January’s MPA member spotlight

Welcome to our next opportunity to meet one of our members, as we put them under the MPA spotlight, so you know who they are and what they’re all about. Please have a good read and hopefully a beautiful partnership will develop.   his time, we are delighted to welcome Lisa Bhatti, Head of Regional at Hearst who gives us some insight into Hearst UK and what it’s all about... Agency / Business name Hearst UK What do you do? We are part of the commercial team who create premium purposeful campaigns and experiences that are underpinned through our data and insight. [...]

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MPA Inspiration Awards 2020 Short List Announcement

The MPA, the leading not for profit membership organisation for Manchester’s Media, Digital and Creative sector, has confirmed their list of shortlisted entries for the MPA Inspiration Awards 2020. A high profile list of judges gathered on line this week to review all entries and to look at a shortlist of potential winners. A high profile list of judges gathered on line this week to review all entries and to look at a shortlist of potential winners. Chair of the Awards for 2020, Jane McMillan Head of Marketing Communications at Warburtons, said,  "It was a real pleasure acting as head [...]

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MPA Blog Share: ‘Planning for positive change in 2021’

By Nicky Unsworth, CEO, The BJL Group Our senior leadership team at BJL has reflected endlessly on 2020 – and I'm sure we'll carry on analysing and debating what worked / what didn’t work for a long time to come. As we look ahead to the challenges and opportunities of 2021, it’s important to consider the learnings that we can take away from last year, and how these apply to a world where so much is still uncertain. The latest lockdown has felt like Groundhog Day, bringing with it more disruption and pain for everyone. For businesses it can feel [...]

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MPA blog share: ‘6 crucial leadership skills to navigate our changing world’

By Jon Minchin, Director at Form With the pandemic still with us, continuing economic uncertainty, and climate change at a critical point, the world is undoubtedly changing. It can feel like around every corner there’s a fresh test, every day well-laid plans are disrupted, and the way society operates ever-shifts. As a leader, this environment of uncertainty can be daunting. But there is hope on the horizon, and with change comes new opportunities. Our leadership journey is never complete and new perspectives and approaches can help us navigate uncertainty. So what skills can we work on to help us get [...]

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Welcome to our December MPA member spotlight

Opportunities to meet up and collaborate are somewhat limited right now, so we thought we’d do our bit to fix that. Every month, we’re going to shine the MPA spotlight on one of our members, so you know who they are and what they’re all about. Then, like after any good intro, it’s up to you to follow it up and hopefully a beautiful partnership will develop.    Next up, we are delighted to welcome Jonathan Ashworth , Founder of Mighty Giant who gives us some insight into Mighty Giant and what it’s all about. Agency / Business name Mighty Giant What do [...]

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