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Storify users have alternative to discontinued platform with Wakelet migration

Users ofcuration tool Storify no longer have to worry. Manchester based Wakelet has created a simple migration tool following the announcement that Adobe-owned platform will go offline in May 2018.

The closure of Storify will leave many of its users with no place to save their existing content and curations. Wakelet has developed an alternative solution, offering former Storify users a new home for their content, underpinned by a powerful new platform.

Wakelet is a free to use content curation platform that lets users save articles, videos, images, social posts and large variety of online content, links and more. Launching today,the service will allow users to easily import all of their Storify stories into a new Wakelet account at

Misbah Gedal , Head of Marketing at Wakelet says “With Storify closing its doors, we want to offer Storify users apowerful alternative that will help them curate faster and easier than before, in any way they want. By exporting their Storify links to Wakelet, they can pick up right where they left off”

The Wakelet platform provides simple and intuitive tools that gives users the ability to organise and curate the content that users save into easily maintainable story-like collections. These collections can be created in minutes on any topic and can be made public, kept private, or shared with friends, family, colleagues or the wider web.

Founder Jamil Khalil created Wakelet, based in Manchester, UK as a response to the disorganisation of the web - a web that favours disjointed chunks of information over human curated stories.

With demand for curation and aggregation at an all-time high, Wakelet is continuing to develop its range of services and tools for its users.