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Photolink and Hungry Tiger relaunch as Seventy7

Photolink and Hungry Tiger relaunch as Seventy7

After 40 years, creative content agency Photolink Creative Group has taken the bold step and relaunched their entire group, which includes Hungry Tiger London, as Seventy7. The group, with offices and studios in London, Manchester and Mumbai transported 165 of their team to Birmingham to launch the new brand and vision on Friday 27th January.

Throughout 2016 they researched the market and analysised the direction of where the creative and retail industry was heading, resulting in the decision to review the business and existing brands to create a forward thinking business with a clear purpose, vision and values.

Founded by David Walter in 1977, the business is now run by joint CEO’s Chris Ducker and Jayne Riley who have driven the restructure and rebrand and have overhauled how the business operates across its three locations.

Unusually for a creative content agency, Seventy7 has married commerciality to creativity in equal measure to deliver content that is proven to be indispensable for brand building and business growth and it has simplified its offer to the market to focus on planning, creating, delivering and optimising content for some of the world’s leading retailers. “Since joining the group in 2014, one of my focuses has been to underpin the outstanding creative work with solid commercial thinking across the group - this doesn’t stifle any aspect of what we do but adds value to our products and our thinking” commented Chris Ducker.

A fundamental part of their strategy is to develop their teams to build a sustainable future for Seventy7 by putting their teams at the heart of what they do as Jayne Riley acknowledges “Chris and I see ourselves as the facilitators to enable the talent in the business to come to the fore, maximising their abilities and skills. We don’t tell – we support, help and steer and we want the rising stars to drive us out of the business. Today it’s about removing obstacles and generating resource to enable them to create and deliver the products and services the market is looking for in the future.”

Jayne continued “As consumers, our shopping habits have changed beyond recognition over the last 6 years and our thirst for newness, be it in product, technology or data is relentless and to develop services and products that our clients need today and importantly what they don’t yet know they need we have to be on the front foot and create an infrastructure that is creative, innovative and agile.

“With a phenomenal client base and a great team that can consult, create and deliver content to any retailer across the entire omni channel spectrum – be it a start up to a global player, we have the capability, creativity and importantly the culture to continue for the next 40 years.”