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OVC presents Manchester's largest LED billboard at iconic Manchester events venue 'Victoria Warehouse'

OVC presents Manchester's largest LED billboard at iconic Manchester events venue 'Victoria Warehouse'

Outdoor digital media business OVC presents Manchester’s largest LED advertising billboard, in partnership with Victoria Warehouse, an historic landmark building.

Not only is it Manchester's largest (at 306.24 sqm), it is Europe's 2nd largest LED wall, behind only Piccadilly Circus in London.

Born out of a well-established relationship between OVC and Victoria Warehouse, the fused use of this iconic gateway space seeks to place Manchester at the forefront of advertising.

Utilising the most up to date LED technology, the site will boast an impressive 17.6m x 17.4m state-of-the-art full colour display. The billboard also promises to be a visual platform and a radical landmark within the advertising industry. With a display akin to those showcased in New York, Times Square, the digital billboard is set to go live on the 7th Dec and has already received interest from many blue chip brands.

Unique and innovative, Victoria Warehouse is an exceptional venue space, with an unrivalled scope for hosting a diverse range of events, such as conferences, exhibitions and special occasions. Famed for its raw, industrial aesthetics, the longstanding venue has proved its creative worth, and prides itself on its flexible #wearewhatyoumakeus ethos.

For years, Victoria Warehouse has been home to renowned mural paintings, representing Manchester and the integral industrial culture it embodies. As a multi-layered marketing endeavour, part of the project will showcase the last painted mural by Walter Kershaw, in never-before-seen digital format, at various points across the day.

“We’re proud to announce our partnership in working with the iconic Victoria Warehouse, on not only our largest project to date, but also on the second largest billboard in Europe. We feel that this landmark space is justly fitting for a such breakthrough innovation in advertising; we look forward to making the most of this premier opportunity and to the global business this project will attract.”

- Lance Fisher (Director)

An international owner and manufacturer of outdoor digital media, OVC services range from the bespoke design, development and build of fixed LED sites, to the manufacturing of hydraulic LED advertising. They have a range of LED vehicles and have acquired a range of in-demand digital sites that can be accessed by their direct or agency sales team.

This is an exciting time for OVC, as they embark on pioneering the endless potentials of advertising through visual communication. Thanks to the rapidly progressing spectrum of technology, the world of advertising has shifted to generate more interest than ever, forged in smart, absorbing experiences. These advanced narratives are not only vehicles for raising awareness, but can also be used to convey brand positioning and domination.