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Former Weber MD Jo Leah sets up Little Big Agency

Former Weber MD Jo Leah sets up Little Big Agency

PR Perennial Jo Leah is opening a new communications agency, following her decision to step down from the role as MD of WS Manchester and Chair of English Regions and Wales after two decades at the helm.

The new Little Big Agency will focus on building reputations for companies, brands, people and places through strategic communications, consultation and activation and will be based in Manchester City Centre.

Jo (54) will open with several clients in the food and drink sector and is looking at a place making brief. She will continue connections with academic institutions across England and Wales and is keen to add a non-executive role to the portfolio.

The new agency has established collaborations in place with other entrepreneur driven businesses across England and Wales as well as an agreement with littleBIG Marketing & PR in Melbourne which was founded by Sally Harley 10 years ago.

Commenting on the move Jo says, ‘My time with Weber was done but I wasn’t quite! It’s a great time to be a woman opening a business in my 50’s with the benefit of 30 years in MD posts behind me and the experience of managing senior client relationships for over 25 years’.

Jo will initially invest private funds in the start-up, which currently has a staff of 4 and jokes her children 'Don’t mind me spending their inheritance'.

She concludes ‘I simply want to carry on working in a sector I love, in cities I love, in a country I care about and to use my skills and experience to assist brands, business leaders and their businesses to manage their reputations in an increasingly challenging environment.’