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Expert Joanna Booth on RTS Panel

Expert Joanna Booth on RTS Panel

MPA Member Social Media Guru Jo Booth has been invited to speak at next week's Royal Television Society's Building a Buzz - Social Media Master Class on Wednesday 26 September at 6.30 in Central London.

With over 85% of viewers surfing the web while watching TV, social media offers a powerful tool for building a buzz that truly resonates with audiences.

The panel of experts will discuss, step by step, how diverse platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram work to boost audience engagement, along with the latest tools available for creating high quality shareable content.

Jo says, "Now is the time to get to grips with the rapidly changing world on audience behaviour, productions just can't afford to lose ground with viewers - if they're not engaged across social media they can be lost forever."

Jo will be joined by David Levin - Creative Director, That Lot; Craig Dillon - Founder & Creative Director, Westminster Digital, and Aradhna Tayal - Director, Radio TechCon.

Jo Booth is the founder and director of Social Media Makes Sense, the only UK company specialising solely in Social Media for TV and Film. As a Social Media Trainer, Jo loves to use her expertise, knowledge & skills to support productions & businesses to make the most out of their online presence.

Her team of 6 specialise in community management, produce assets, and build the fan bases for TV productions. Her client portfolio includes Poldark, Victoria, Endeavour, Unforgotten, Age Before Beauty, Vanity Fair, Young, gifted and Broke; and in production - Gold Digger, Good Karma Hospital, & Curfew, amongst others.