MPA Awards Winners 2018

Why I think you should be celebrating animation with the MPA

Why I think you should be celebrating animation with the MPA

Awards: A quick tool to get your name known? A method of sharing your work to a wider audience? A way to celebrate that job where a team of artists & designers crafted and grafted to produce something you thought was pretty amazing? 

Or all of the above?

In the 9 years I’ve been running Mighty Giant I’ve entered various awards for pretty much all those reasons. This year we’re pushing something we did last year which we thought was great; whether the judges agree we’ll see, but we wanted to celebrate the work. As well as running an Animation and Motion Design agency I also organise an event called Motion North, a quarterly collective of companies working in the animation/visual effects/motion design world. Each time we put on an event I’m lucky enough to curate entries to the “Showcase” we put on, and as a result realise how much incredible work is coming out of the region.

But how is it being celebrated? We’re not exactly spoilt for choice. Some awards in Manchester have pulled out of supporting the sector. Others feel out of reach. When you’ve worked your hardest on a £50k project and you’re up against a London studio with £500k I totally get why there is a reluctance to enter. In this world money = time. Time = being able to craft and add in more levels of production.

Quite recently we’ve had awards that appear to reward regional work but are given to work commissioned in the North with all the animation and visual effects farmed out to the South. That doesn’t do anything to support the industry we have in Manchester.

After much lobbying (and moaning) from me, the MPA have agreed to introduce an Animation category at this years Inspiration Awards. It didn’t take much persuasion to be fair. The MPA see the importance of the work this sector does as it increasingly becomes an everyday part of advertising campaigns, online content, TV and more. With my Mighty Giant Director hat on, and my Motion North one too I’m up for supporting anything they want to do that results in our world building and thriving, but also helps us become integral to the wider sector.

We all know awards can be divisive, but if we want out sector to be supported then I’d encourage those in our category to jump in and enter. Show the rest of the industry the amazing stuff I see and encourage them not only to commission Animation and Motion Design, but also to commission it right here in Manchester.

Article written by
Jonathan Ashworth, Founder & Creative Director, Mighty Giant