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Why I think you should be celebrating animation with the MPA
Awards: A quick tool to get your name known? A method of sharing your work to a wider audience? A way to celebrate that job where a team of artists &...
3 consumer behaviour trends of 2019
Sue Benson, MD of The Market Creative, considers three ways consumer behaviour is changing and what brands and retailers need to be aware of. Shifting...
Merry Critmas campaign launches for third year running
Father Critmas is back at it again, and this time he’s starring in his own music video.#MerryCritmas, the global advertising initiative where senior...
How we can improve gender equality in advertising
A new era of advertising is dawning as the Committees of Advertising Practice is developing a new rule to curb archaic and harmful gender stereotypes....
Retail Report Recap - How a Retail Mobile App Adds Value in 2018
Marcus Hadfield, Chief Strategy Officer for mobile technology company Apadmi, looks at how technology has changed the retail landscape over the last 18...
MPA Charity Bike Ride - 6th September
We'd like to invite all of our members who enjoy getting out on their bikes to join us for the first in our Charity Bike rides. The ride will be a...
Top Trends Driving Consumer Behaviour
In our latest report 'Top Trends Driving Consumer Behaviour' we took a deep dive into behavioural economics to help marketers create meaningful...
The Budget - Impact on Tech Companies
Although there was very little on business taxation in the Chancellor’s Budget speech, there was a recognition of the contribution tech companies...
What you need to know about the GDPR
If you haven’t already heard of the upcoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), well, let us salute you. It seems to have become a bit of...
A Peoples Powerhouse - people as well as place regeneration for the North
Back in February there was a fair bit of criticism of the Northern Powerhouse Conference – not just for the lack of speakers, but for what seemed...