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Hat Trick for SMMS in September

Hat Trick for SMMS in September

Three productions are either airing at the moment or on the cards for MPA Member TV Social Media Expert, Jo Booth.

Jo, Director of Social Media Makes Sense Ltd says, 'We're really thrilled to have Vanity Fair airing right now with great audience engagement. 

Plus, we've just been commissioned to manage the Social Media for Mainstreet's new production, Gold Digger which just began filming, and then getting the wonderful opportunity to work with Tiger Aspect on The Good Karma Hospital Series 3 which has just been announced.'

'It's been great fun working on Vanity Fair because it takes a fresh approach to period drama and we've been able to do some very creative work on the Social Media side.'

'Meanwhile, modern-day Gold Digger will give us the opportunity to utilise contemporary digital on social media.' 

'In contrast, The Good Karma Hospital is already a popular programme with an established cohort of committed fans. Our task here is to keep engaging that audience, and by nurturing their interest really getting fans talking!

SMMS Ltd. specialises in building fan-bases and engaging with audiences for TV productions. Other recent high-profile TV Social Media campaigns this summer were Poldark Series 4, Age Before Beauty and Unforgotten series 3. Campaigns in production are: Curfew and Victoria 3, Endeavour 6 and Poldark 5 amongst others.