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MPA Express Academy: Advanced Presenting Skills and Storytelling

MPA Express Academy: Advanced Presenting Skills and Storytelling
Location:MediaCity UK
You've got where you are through being able to communicate well. You know your style works but you feel that you could do with some inspiration, ideas on how others are doing it these days, and some advanced techniques.

To make the most out of an advanced course, this session has been designed around one particular type of presentation - the pitch to clients. As a result, there's an opportunity to also cover management of the entire pitch team, not just the individual's presentation.

With this course, you'll learn:
- New ways to structure your presentation - we may have got wedded to one way to tell a story. Here we'll cover two very popular and fool proof techniques to look at it in a refreshing way, plus dissect a famous speech.
- New visual techniques - new PowerPoint techniques, how infographics and illustrations are being used, and the resurgence of boards.
- Techniques for you as a communicator on your feet - we discuss personal delivery styles and tips, play famous eye contact and drama games.
- How to present like Obama - we deconstruct a number of world famous presenters' styles to form our own personal checklist of techniques to try.
- Team presenting - as you are often responsible for the whole pitch team, we will cover team dynamics and techniques on how to inspire and help them all present to win.

The course is interactive even though we get through many subjects, and there are plenty of examples, techniques and a few exercises and chances to have a go. You will leave with inspiration on how to step it up and try something new next time you present.

Cost: £180 + VAT per person for MPA members. £210 + VAT per person for non MPA members

For whom: Experienced presenters in all disciplines who seek a refresher to spruce up their style in particular those responsible for pitching