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Business Opportunities around the Brazilian Grand Prix

Business Opportunities around the Brazilian Grand Prix
Location:Webinar Online (Brazil)
Brazil's developing economy and industries crave for state of the art innovation and creativity.

UKTI Brazil has organised this webinar to assist UK companies in: . Providing with an overview of the business opportunities available in the market; . Learning more on how to get involved with the ?CREATIVE INDUSTRIES & MOTORSPORT SEMINAR" (working title), on 21st November in São Paulo, in the week of the Brazilian F1 GP!; . Learning how to take part, free of charge, without having to travel to Brazil.
Branding, advertising, design, motorsport publishing, technical innovation, among other companies linked to F1 or motorsport are encouraged to join us in this project.

As part of the GREAT Britain campaign for Brazil, we are organising a number of events around the F1 Grand Prix (24th November). Through the use of relevant GREAT pillars (Sport, Creativity, Innovation and Business) and with the participation of renowned speakers such as Rita Clifton and Ian Burrows, the Seminar will focus on the UK excellence in Design, Technical innovation and Creativity linking into motorsport. It will also concentrate on key elements that make the F1 such a great success.

Webinar speakers include: . Simone Ricci, UKTI Sector Manager Creativity Industries . Erika Azevedo, UKTI Sector Manager Advanced Engineerig . Chris Foy, Partnerships Director, GREAT Britain Campaign . ABEDESIGN/Brazilian Design Association - t.b.c.

For more information and to register please visit