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A Peoples Powerhouse - people as well as place regeneration for the North

A Peoples Powerhouse - people as well as place regeneration for the North

Back in February there was a fair bit of criticism of the Northern Powerhouse Conference – not just for the lack of speakers, but for what seemed quite a rigid focus on transport, infrastructure and driving economic growth.

I wrote about this in a blog at the time, which attracted quite a bit of interest and led to me writing a follow up article for the Fawcett Society.

It’s always great when conversations that start on social media lead to real life meetings and I’m delighted that High-Rise Communications is now providing communications support to the upcoming Peoples Powerhouse event which takes place in Doncaster on 12 July.

One of the key figures involved in the Peoples Powerhouse event and movement is Tracy Fishwick of Transform Lives. Transform Lives is a Liverpool-based company that aims to help people furthest from the labour market into jobs. It does this through providing real work experience and developing employer networks through its innovative GiveGetGo programme. Other people involved in next month's event include Barbara Spicer from housing association Plus Dane Housing, Social Enterprise UK and North West Employers.

Transform Lives is a Northern company firmly rooted in the local community and making a difference where it is needed most. And it’s harnessing the collective power of organisations like this and also in the public, voluntary, community and business sectors that is at the heart of the Peoples Powerhouse movement – which Tracy describes as thinking about people regeneration as well as place regeneration in the Northern Powerhouse.

The Peoples Powerhouse recognises that economic growth is important – but also that it can’t be the be all and end all if we really want happier and healthier communities in the Northern Powerhouse. The aim of the Peoples Powerhouse is to get business, civil, and community leaders to network together, and find ways to use this growth so that jobs, the environment, and the health of the people in the North are improved.

The Peoples Powerhouse event on 12 July at Doncaster Rovers Football Ground will open up the conversation – it’s an opportunity for people of many diverse backgrounds to come together and share ideas. And it’s not too late to get involved. For more information visit

Article written by
Helen Furnivall, Managing Director, High Rise Communications